Artist Development




     Are you an artist, songwriter, musician, talent or model who is looking to make it in the entertainment industry?  Or maybe you're an  entertainment industry person who doesn’t know how to make your career prosperous in the industry today? ………  Nova’s A-list Industry Experts have over 100 years of combined industry experience and success.  We have the Masters and Legends of the Industry who have a heart to help and want to Give Back to YOU the aspiring artist or model. 

    Nova’s Master Team has developed many of the artists , actors, dancers and models you are watching and listening too!  Our artists have been at the top of the charts along with  If your ready to take your place on the world stage and be the Success you have always dreamt of then answer the CALL on your life by contacting us today through one of the links below.  WE are ready.


Are you ready to walk the runways in Fashion Week Ny or Milan.


This informational tutorial is taught to you by our leading Modeling Expert.

You will learn the importance or your portfolio, height and measurement requirements and the ins and outs of the business Nationally and internationally.

What an agency is looking for.  How important is your social media  and how to make it work for you.  How to interview with an agency and what you should take to your call.  Should you go to open calls and what to bring, how to dress and what is expected. 

Photography, how to find the right photographer , what to pay for and what not to. and how often you need to update your book an


Have mastered their own careers and others that you are either watching or listening to today.  We have successfully helped talent becoming Billboard  tsuccessfully helped others who you are watching or listening to todayBelow you will find ways we can help you whether you are just starting out or already a working artist or model looking to go to the next level. If you are a musician artist who is already gigging but are not moving your music or making a living we have the tools and knowledge you need.



They will help you find your Lane, Your Brand Name, Your Look and Your Sound.  Allow our web and media design team build your following through there cutting edge graphic design and websites.


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