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Hey there
Tami it's your Belly Dancer, Madrid. Love what you've done to the site it
looks beautiful. Can't wait to see you ! I became a
fan on Facebook and saw you in South Africa... that's awesome, you
really go the distance!

Have a great independence day!


Brittany Madrid 2009

The road to my destiny began the moment I met Tami Smith..................................Tami Smith knew what it took for me to have my dreams of a music career come to fruition.  From the training months on and out, along with the discipline and dedication were just a few things NOVA taught me I needed to succeed in the performing arts industry. Nova Model and Talent provided this for me and other models and talent they selected to work with. It all started with hearing there were auditions for trained singers, models, actors, dancers along with other talents. I showed up at the location and I was excited to show my skills that I had been training for years to use. I met Tami Smith. She had the most beautiful Ora around her and the holy spirit was present. I knew that I was destined to sing and act. I auditioned for her and she immediately told me I was going to Hollywood. Wow what a rush that came over me. That same day my Nana had past away. With that I took it as a message from god letting me know that she was proud and that I needed to follow my dreams. I met my Team of performers and was amazed with the beautiful talent that was flourishing in the room. We all became the best of friends and forever teammates. I never realized how much spirit that I had for my country until I arrived in Hollywood. After the months of training we all went to Hollywood.. Thes event we went to brought talent from all over the world together. We competed against all the countries but ultimately we are only competing against ourselves. The support and love from all the nations is a beautiful thing. Only one can imagine if never experienced. After my competitions the first day, I made it to round 2. The age groups were a but more expanded. I had obstacles of the headset falling off during one of my performances and the music not working for another. What did I do? I acted like my headset was still on my head and I sang acapella for my other song. We were trained that if something goes wrong we just go with the flow and make our talent stand out more. We competed against 5000 people.I ended up getting medals in the following. The Gold in Broadway Vocal (my acapella piece), Gold in Country Vocal, Silver in my Open Vocal (Headset fell off), Silver in Comedy Acting, and the Industry award. During our competitions agents, manager, producers, etc were watching us and if they like us they put up a Go Sees sheet for us to see them upon request. I received 6 of them. I saw producers that wanted to sign me on the spot and managers that wanted to help me as soon as I had an agent.

I auditioned for the NY Film and TV and received 2 scholarships. Totaling $5500. My plan is to attend the NY School of Film and TV in the Fall of 2008. While preparing for my departure I will be training with some of the top country producers and acting coaches. Thank Nova Talent Scouts. Thank you Sponsors. Thank you Family. Always first...Thank you God!


Love you always,

Miss Bridget Samson

Bridget Samson-Chicago Vocalist

Never did I know how much my life would change the day you walked into

it in Calgary in February 2007!!! Tami you looked at me and told me that

this is my destiny. I just took it to heart and for the next few months

poured everything I had into preparing for LA! Up to date I have lost 40

pounds and feel 10 years younger!! You told me that I should do modeling

and I thought it was a joke, but guess what? I have won 3 gold medals in

modeling!! And today being back in Calgary, I will never be the same

person again. Beside many amazing prospects to make my dreams come

true, I believe in myself, and know I have so much to give! I have

gained life long friends, have hope and a future and believe for the

first time in my life I am beautiful!

Thank you for being God's instruments in enriching so many people's

lives and opening doors in your quiet humble way.

With love and respect

Marina Theron

Calgary, Canada

August 10, 2007


Marina Theron-WCOPA 2007

Hi Guys!

You are  Amazing and I appreciate the way you guys have changed my life ! When it comes to making sure I follow my goals and  keep my focus. You are both so very sweet and please remember that your kindness doesnt go unnotticed. I hope you know, that Im thankful that you guys gave me an opportunity and a scholarship. Kurt and Tami you are always close to my heart and i will be forever thankful!



Khain Branter




Khain Branter-January 2008


Meeting you is definitely by God's divine appointment. I am very

grateful and proud of the good work the Lord is using you to do in

Hollywood. May the Almighty God continue to bless you, your beloved

husband,and your entire family and staff.I am originally from Nigeria in west Africa.

Remain Blessed,


Your sister-in-Christ

Gladys Ogor-Edem

Gladys Ogor-Edem- Los Angeles-October, 2007

Just wanted you to know that I have judged numerous competitions but your event had the finest talent pool. It was an honor and pleasure to have participated in your event.



Crista- LA Models -August 2007

Hollywood Dreamin
BY:  Dan Martinez
Go for the Gold
BY: Dan Martinez

My alarm goes off, it's 5a.m., another long day begins. Working 2 jobs
today, I leave for California tomorrow. I begin at the gym with an hour
drive ahead of me. I'm booked solid with clients from 6:30a.m. to
6:30p.m., and hold the role of top trainer and employee of the month
the second month in a row. Afterwards, I have exactly one hour to drive
to the bar to set up equipment and play music and give the patrons an
amazing show until 2a.m. Tired? No, I don't think so. My soul takes
my drum, my adrenaline is fired up, I take myself to another dimension
and into another world. One thing is on my mind that keeps me going....
Victory.It has been about 4 months now of hard intense training, sacrifice, dedication,
commitment and a total weight loss of 32lbs in the past 3 months. With
over 50,000 people worldwide that auditioned, I had been chosen and
taken under the wing of an amazing, genuine, mother-like woman by the
name of Tami Smith from Nova Model and Talent Scouts.
At 3a.m. I lay down with butterflies in my stomach, this is it. It is
time for me to shine in Hollywood! My flight departs out of Chicago
O'Hare in 5 hours, I close my eyes and begin to DREAM.

My anticipation was finding an agent. Go for the gold?  I'll try but
there's some tough competition. Staying focused, I line up for the 1st
round. I have only been playing my Djiembe(African Hand Drum) for 2
years now and my bongos for 1 year. I am self taught, as were the rest
of the contestants that were in line with drums. The difference being,
they were from the country of Trinidad and there were a lot of them
together encouraging and supporting each other. They had told me that
they were born into the role of musician. That's how they make a
They told me, "My job is to wake up and play me drum for money MON" as
he rubs his drum skin in a circular art form to warm it up.  Am I
intimidated? No, I am honored to have the challenge to compete against
the native player. Day 1 is over like a flash. The second round
are up, I have made it in to the 2nd round in all my categories.
Modeling, acting, and Instrumentalist original.
Day 3 are the Semi-finals. Contestants, agents, and staff are now
familiar with my face and my name. As I stand in line focused and fully
prepared, I am checked in before I go on stage. A staff member shouts
out "Oh that's Dan Martinez, he's going to win". With my confidence at
it's peak, I walk onto the stage now with a fan base cheering for me. I
take myself back into that dimension and light my soul take the roll. I
get the crowd and judges to interact with the beats, clapping at the
of my performance to Americas infamous "We Will Rock You".
The Finals are here and postings are notified to contestants
immediately! I did not continue in acting, and was beaten out by
Trinidad in music. "That was my only hope", I said to myself. Being
5'8" I am too short to make it as a model. Or not? They proceeded to
call out the finalists for the modeling. As I sit next to Tami and Kurt
Smith, the call up one from Jamaica,
2 from Canada and 2 from United States of America. I find myself
standing up, walking to the stage in shock with Tami, Kurt, and the
of my team in joy, they cheer for me as I walk on to the stage. I made
it also winning 5 Medals in all categories! 2 Gold, 2 Silver, and 1
Final showcase is here, we have been trained by one of the most well
known Modeling Runway show producer/instructor in the business, Mr.
Michael Maddox. I also received a FULL scholarship for an acting school in NY
and will be working with Mark Williams in the music studios! I am
packing up Chicago and heading off to Hollywood!

Michael Maddox - Some of Michael Maddox clients include: L.A. Models,
IMG N.Y., Wilhelmina, Elite, Vision L.A., Ford Models, New York Models,
Photogentics, and Jetset. He has also worked with some of Hollywood and
fashions biggest names: Riley Keough (Lisa Marie Presley's daughter),
Eva Pigford from America's Next Top Model, Julia Beynon from "Project
Runway," Texas Battle from the hit movies "Coach Carter and Final
Destination 3," Amy Ferguson, and movie star Derek Luke. Other models
trained by Michael Maddox are supermodels Omayrah, Anthony Gallo, Tyson
Beckford, Chad Michael Murray (One Tree Hill), Tom Welling
Mehcad Brooks (Desperate Housewives) and Michelle Ferrari

Daniel Martinez-2007 WCOPA, Chicago Team USA

Hello. My name is Joseph Figueroa. I have had the honor of meeting Mrs. Tami Smith a few times last year and I just wanted to make sure that she did not forget me. She really made a strong impression in my life. I truly would be pleased if I had the chance to see her again and let her know in person. The last time we spoke I didn't know anything about acting. I was just a natural with no training or experience. But now, I'm much better than the first Joseph that she met. I've had to much training and gained lots of experience by joining a program here in Cleveland known as All-city. I have changed from trying to find my gift, to student of the week in less than a year! And it was all because of Mrs. Tami. She made me want be better, and she sparked the flame that made me want to  reach my point of success no matter what the cost. I will get their. But I'm going to need a little help. So I'd love to do anything that she would have me do as long as it gets me to the place I'm dreaming of. And forget the price. By Gods grace I'll get it some how. So please contact me if possible. Any word would be great. Thanks and God bless!!!

Joseph Figueroa - Ohio

Hello everyone..Bridget here.
Thank you all so very much for touching my life.
I will never be the same due to all of your beauty.
I have had much success in L.A and after.
As you know I received two scholarships to the NY Film and TV School.
I will be going to that if I get more scholarships.
I am signing with Bob Ham (the country producer)  Thank you Tami!
Right now I am writing my own music and preparing my voice for the studio.
I have changed the way I eat, sleep, drink and think due to my experiences with Nova.
Thank you all so very much.
I love you and miss you.
We must stay close.
Love Miss Bridget Samson

Bridget Samson-WCOPA 2007

Hello Tami,

This was the first class I have been able to attend and observe since Emily began.

You had mentioned you would like my feedback regarding the vocal class:    (and while I'm at it I'll give you a little extra.)

WONDERFUL - This guy has a great heart and a true passion for working with people. Outstanding musicianship and a wealth of information to share.  Could go on and on about my observation of Q  - Amazing talent and a great asset to your staff. Thank You!

Also had the opportunity to meet Christine.
Loved her! Was extremely impressed with her observations and comments to everyone present. She was right on with everything I heard her say.
Great energy and enthusiasm.

Don't want to leave out J Paul - Great Guy - Knows how to work with each individual to help them understand character developments and strives to bring everyone up to a higher level. Great Session with Emily and those I observed.

I know in business we usually only hear from those who wish to tell you about the negative things going on.
These are some great things happening and I wanted to share my opinion with you.


Mark Rogers- Chicago Parent June 17, 2007

Dear Tami & Kurt,

In just a short time, you have so inspired me personally and provided WCOPA with the expanded enrichment of purpose and growth that it deserves!

This truly is a joyous journey that we embark upon. And how grateful we are to be allowed to follow God's instruction and direction.

Your dedication, enthusiasm and integrity to the mission of escalating WCOPA to unparalleled heights is indeed precious! And for this I am truly appreciative.

Much love and many thanks to you both!!!

Griff O'Neil- WCOPA President

Dear Ms Tami,

Thank you so much for allowing me to go to the World Championships Of Performing Arts. Without your approval of me I would still be stuck in Momtana without a manager, agent, and eight medals. What you ahve done for me is amazing. I dont think I can express my grattitude in this letter enough. You are truly a blessing, thank you again!!!

Brianna McCracken of Montana

I wanted to thank you Tami & Kurt for coming to CLEVELAND,OHIO and giving me
this wonderful chance to become something that I've always wanted, and that
is an actor and a model.
Thank you so much and see you in HOLLYWOOD BABY. This is our year.

George Tunea of Cleveland, OH - January 31 2007


Thank you so much for seeing the potential in our boys. They are going to LA for pilot season this year and are working with Bob Yaffe at Infinity Managment.

Your the best!!!

Veronica Griffith- December 2006

I am doing this because I love being in front of an audience, it feels like a second home, I love acting, singing, dancing and modeling. I love the way my heart pumps with nervousness and excitement that is its own emotion. I am hoping to get a Hollywood agent and manager. So I can get more professional jobs. One day I hope to work on screen. All your training will make me even a more professional actress. It will be useful for my acting future.

Ilyssa Ernsteen December 2006


Dear Kurt & Tami,

Thank you x 1000 for your kindness, your ethics, and your examble. I got picked up at AEF, Inc (Talent Agency) and Chrysalin Entertainment, Management. I will be back in LA beginning in October. I will stay in touch and keep you posted on my progress. Please keep me in your prayers. God Bless

Rafael Cuesta-December 2006

I want to take this time to thank you and Kurt for all the great guidance you provided me and Team Canada in preparing for a World Event experience in World Championship of The Performing Arts 2006 in Hollywood. I am persuing my dream as a pop singer and am currently working with Marc(MDOC)Williams in Hollywood Ca. Marc is a great song writer and producer and is currently working hard with me to hopeful produce that next great hit.  This experience is the greatest acheivement to date for me and I would like to include you and your Nova Team in my many thanks for helping me develope my skills and making it possible to meet this remarkable person. I truly beleive that we are all given a job by the almighty God in life and his job for me was to make people happy with my song.
Thank You for this opportunity.

Krista Lea Brazeau-Calgary Canada on November 15 2006

Hi Tami!!!
Thank you so much for the opportunity to represent the USA! I am so
excited, I can't even begin to explain it. I am also very nervous; I am
sure that will go away with time. I also thank your team for taking the
time to see me and the rest of those that attended this passed Saturday
morning in Independence. I have been wanting to better myself physically,
mentally, and emotionally...now I will get the chance, and it will be done
with professionals! Thank you again and I can't wait to see you.


Jonelle Robb, Cleveland, OH, October 2006

Hello Tami,

Your the best! The opertunity you provide for so many people is amazing. I
know you will get me to the best of the best! I cannot wait to go to LA. Its
going to be the Best!!! I love ya your absolutly amazing!

Jared Wayne Wagner, July 2006


Hello! I sure hope this e-mail finds you well.

As I am sure you are going nuts with the planning of the 2006 WCOPA, I am looking forward to this wonderful event.

I just wanted to let you know that I truly appreciate both Melissa and Nessa. Their experience and suggested advice for Kelsey is awesome. Kelsey is definitely not the same person she was when you met her, her confidence level is getting stronger as we speak. I cannot thank you enough for this.

Both Kelsey and I are looking forward to coming to California in a few months and if anything, this is an experience of a lifetime for her and we have you to thank for it!

Take care and we look forward to seeing you in California!

Denise Terbil, July 2006

Dear Mr. Griff O'Neil,
Hello, My name is Mark and I will be performing in Hollywood this year in August. I have written you a few times to say Thanks. But, I was thinking of you & Tracy George today so, I decided to drop you each a separate note. I have been working hard on everything and it's hard but,worth it if it pays off!! I wanted to say Thank You once again for the great opportunity to have been chosen by Tracy George. I'll be doing acting,singing & modeling and praying I do well and others enjoy it too!! My Mom sacrificed a lot for me to pay for the fees etc. She always has! I got my looks,patience,kindness,and all other greatness from her too. It is my dream since I was about 5yrs old to perform,act, and be someone special to make a difference. You must have had a great Mom to because of what your doing presently & giving people the opportunity to make there dreams come true. THANK YOU!! Hopefully the go-sees will help too. I don't want keep you so, I will see you in Hollywood & hope to meet you personally. Remember to smell the flowers,notice the blue sky and may it be only an honor to be a U. S citizen.


Mark Mazza, Rochester, NY June 2006


Thank you so much for your prayers . I have never had anyone tell me that they are praying for me before and you have made my Christian beliefs that much stronger.
In my every day world I love to help others in any way that I can . I don't ask for things from people as I believe that my contribution to this world is to be their for the people that need me . I love being wanted.
Meeting you and listening to your strength in the way you deliver your message of hopes and dreams not only to the kids but also the adults around you makes me believe your payback for your belief in God is coming through in what you do .
The only Con artist out their is the person that doesn't allow God to guide them through.
You could never be on that list.
Keep your message and beliefs God Strong and the world will always be a better place .



Team CANADA... Calgary Alberta,.June 2006

Hi Ms. Tami, I just wanted to thank you for selecting me. My coaches are great and I have definately been taking all they tell me in and I am looking foward to seeing you again. I am coming to that Championship prepared and ready to shine!! Thank you and God bless you, Kaden Furr



Kaden Furr on January 23, 2006


First, Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful. Second, I wanted to THANK you for being such an important part of what is going on in the lives of the Warthan Family. I don't know if you have heard anything, but Brittany just got back from Nashville where she laid her first tracks with Country 1 Source. All the result of the World Championships. She worked with some quality musicians that were hired to play on the tracks and she'll go back in December to cut the vocals. We had a blast and the crew we met were such nice people. She had alot of fun working with them, even though she was pretty nervous at first. The guys there were very encouraging for her and expressed to her that she stands a good chance of making it in the country music sect.

The Richmond Newspaper ran article on her with a picture a few weeks ago, so I'm mailing you a copy. The local paper is running one in the next few weeks, and the radio station that is the #1 morning show has had her on twice and is scheduled to have her on again the 9th of December. They are a really good bunch to work with and they have such a blast with Brittany. She really enjoys being on with them.

Again, I wanted to THANK you and express to you how much we love and appreciate you. I'm going to try to send you a few pictures from Nashville via email. They will be in a separate email (just in case I mess that up) :o)

Blessings to you and your family,




Donna Warthan on December 1, 2005

Hello, This last weekend I was over in Sea Tac, Washington with Jodi, Michael, and Miss Nicolesl being auditioned for Team USA. I didn't make your requirements, however, I would like to thank you very much for the opportunity to join. Of all honesty, I have never really seen myself in show business. I've always wanted to be a famous star, but never found the courage. And even though I wasn't what you were looking for, I now have the confidence to step up and seek other productions that may need someone like me. Ms. Jodi auditioned me, she was such a sweet woman to chat with. When I read a cold reading for her, I didn't feel embarrassed or shy. Even though I am not at all like Ms. Jodi, a plus size chica, I felt beautiful. With her complimenting my smile and personality . . . it was worth the trip! Thank you so much for this amazing experience, and if you should ever need someone like me to do, anything, please don't hesitate to contact me! Thank you again! Sincerely, Belinda


Belinda Gutierrez on December 1, 2005

Hi Tami: I am loving LA! Since the August '04 event, I signed with Totally Kids Management and KSA. I have been going out on auditions and have even had some callbacks. I will be back for "pilot season," with a vengence! I am now officially "home-schooled" through the State of California. I have been attending workshops, vocal and acting coaching and will be appearing at the 3rd annual "Omni Awards," being held in LA in January! Thank you for everything you have done! Love, Andrew


Andrew Schappacher on November 23, 2004

The World Championships has opened doors that I thought would take me years just to find. Nova team thank you for breathing new life into my acting and modeling! I love you all. Alvin Forbes 2005 Male model of the WORLD!



Alvin Forbes on August 22, 2005

Hi Tami! Thanks for everything & for arranging the greatest fashion show everr! I love you!! Just think of my last name & I`m sure you`ll remember who I am pretty fast.



Maria Titkova on August 20, 2005

Hey Tami, I'm glad I made this decision on joining the USA Team.  I know that yu won't leav me alone on this one. I also know that God will provide what I don't have and we both know what it is. Thank you for believing in me and choosing me to be part of the USA Team.  I will see you around. God Bless you.



Angela on July 18, 2005

Tami You are the best motivator I could have. Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much. I love ya!! God Bless!!


Alvin "Alphonz" Forbes on June 18, 2005

I just wanted to thank Tami for giving my daughter this opportunity. She has given Mary so much confidence. When my daughter auditioned, she told her exactly what she needed, and it was so true. Tami is a wonderful role model and I am so glad my daughter will have the chance to work with her. We both cannot wait for August to come. This is the chance of a lifetime, and I feel this has happened at the most perfect time for her.


Wanda Gentry on March 26, 2005

I don't know if you remember me, Tami, but I was at the seminar in Skokie. Anyways, thanks for saying you would be willing to work with me. I look forward to seeing you in the fall. Take care P.S. If you have time, check out my website


Tami, Hello, I am so excited that you chose my son and myself to compete in the World Champsionship. And I will see you there. Even though my son is doing it this year and he is going for it and I deciced to be mom. However my dream is comming true also. Thanks for everything And We will see you in August. Keep helping people make there dreams come true P.S. Love, Growing the eyebrows Georgene & Arthur Bravo /God Bless



Georgene M. Bravo on March 3, 2005

Tami, Thank you SO much for everything you have done for me! I'm very much excited about August! You are amazing! I will love you forever for this! xoxo Amanda



Amanda Cherniawski on February 18, 2005

Tami, working with you has been one of the most exciting and fulfillig experiences of my career! Associating with people like you is why I LOVE this work! Thank you for helping to jump-start my career! Much love! Otty.

Otty Turrentine on January 28, 2005

You are a Blessing and Kristopher, Katina, Kara and I are Blessed for knowing you. You are Loved...and Lovely!!!



Debbie Bohn on December 22, 2004

It was my first time visiting Nova's new talent web page.  It was an enjoyable experience.  I love ya Tami! Sincerely, Samuel Leos from Dallas, TX


Samuel Leos on December 21, 2004

So if you don't feel excited about your future after spending time with Tami then you really weren't paying attention or you were still in bed. Hey Tami thanks for making the trip to Lansing to tell us the awesome news.

Melik on December 11, 2004

Hey Tami, just got our computer up and going again so we could come check out the guestbook. It's good to see remarks from people we know and to see that things are happening for them (Love ya, Desalyn and Rodney!!!)and we'll pray for that to continue. How exciting. Speaking of exciting, I can't tell you how excited I am for the upcoming event in August. I know as that date gets closer, the reality of it will become pretty overwhelming, but I want to pray for myself and everyone who is going that we will be able to pour 100% of ourselves into our performances with nothing held back. I pray that we have complete and absolute confidence. No wavering. Thanks Tami for bringing this opportunity to us. You are an awesome lady!!! May God bless you and keep you, and make His face to shine upon you, and give you peace. Ken



Ken Flowerdew on December 8, 2004

HI Tami It's been such a blessing meeting you and your entire staff. Just when I thought I had no chance to make a change in my life. You showed up you are my miracle an angel from above. I just want to say that I believe that I will be a success in the coming future because all I see in you Tami is success. Love you with all my heart.


Cristina Feliciano on December 6, 2004

Thanks for giving my son and me the opportunity to meet you and for giving him a great opportunity.



Darnell Gibson/ Eleanor gibson on December 6, 2004

Tami,Thank you for everything, after I left the auditon on November 6th. I didn't think I made the cut but I did. I just want to thank you. Also on that day I was the first one there and nearly the last on to leave. I wanted to leave so bad I was getting nervous sitting there. I thought you guys were picking the people that you wanted to work with. Boy was I wrong. I am so glad I didn't leave that day, I just got a feeling when I wanted to leave that I could miss a chance of a lifetime. I will remember that day for a long time. I can't wait until LA 2005, it's going to be so much fun. Tami Thank you very much for selecting me I Love You. Manny Verma-SLC, Utah


Manny Verma on December 4, 20

Tami, you are GREAT!!! Thanks for believeing in me and for all of your encouraging words. I cannot wait until L.A. 2005! It's going to be awesome. Thank you for helping my dreams come true!!! You are the best!!



Kalli Rieck, SLC,UT on December 4, 2004

Hey Tami! Its me Skylar. I would like to thank you for choosing me to perform in LA 2005!  Unfortunately, I wasn'table to do it.  I will continue my dream and you can contact me anytime you want!  I have a felling we will meet again and you will mold me into a SUPERSTAR. Thanks!



Skylar Felton on December 2, 2004

Hey Tami! The dream is coming true! I have recorded with one producer in Las Vegas and am heading back down next month to record with IndaSoul Records and Marc Williams. The songs he has for me are great and he is a wonderful person to work with. Thank you soooo much for all your help and support. You are a wonderful person and I so appreciate all your help so very much!! I couldn't have done it without you! Love you!!! Desalyn


Desalyn Swank on November 24, 2004

I am Getting ready for LA . Very much looking forward to getting out of the Midwest even if just for a moment. Although all the prep can be a little overwhelming at times whilst being mixed in with regular life stuff I'm very excited about the event. Thanks to Nova and Tami Smith for showing me the window of opportunity


Melik on November 23, 2004

Tami, What can I say? You Rock!! So many doors have opened up but hey you told me they would. I never doubted you. Like I said a few months ago, the Grammy is dedicated to you. I will be going to LA to work with Marc Williams @ Indasoul in January and I am in contact with a Record label in LA and Nashville. You know how to pick em. Love ya!



Rodney Pacheco on September 4, 2004

Tami, You rock! Thanks for everything you've done for me. And thanks for not letting me leave my audition! I couldn't have gone this far without you! You've been a huge inspiration on my life! Thanks again!


Joey Krancich on August 29, 2004

Tami thanks for everything Nova changed my life, and I dont no where I would be without you in my corner helping me with my career your a wonderful person, and I will forever be thankful for everything you have done for me thanks again. Sincerely Yours, Brian Watson



Brian Watson, NY on June 14, 2004

Tami, I love you!!! From day one you have been supportive and have been nothing but encouraging. When I make it big...and I will make it big, my Grammy is dedicated to you! This experience has made me become a better person and boosted by confidence 100%. Thank You. LA won't know what hit them when Spokane arrives.


Rodney Pacheco, Spokane, WA on June 6, 2004

It is my heartfelt desire to applaud Mrs Smith and Mrs Richley for the work they do,for their profesionalism, and for thier genuine concern for each and everyparticipant of team U.S.A.

Recently I had the priveledge of showcasing for Mrs Richley, with the rest

of team U.S.A. Chicago in Dream Girls U.S.A. pageant. It was an extraordary

experience and a wondeful way to warm up and practice for Hollywood. Team

U.S.A. Chicago stepped up to the plate and delivered, as I suspect all teams

of our nation will as well. I look forward to meeting the reat of our team

mates from other regions as we meld into one unit to represent our country

as the best of the best, remembering that we are a team and there is no

letter "I" in team.

Once again I wish to give my heartfelt thanks to Mrs Smith for the Job she

is doing, and what can I say about Mrs Richley other than she is a

remarkable woman doing a very difficult job, is always accessable, and truly

a caring person.


Al Victors, Chicago, ILL ....June 2006


Al Victors, Chicago, IL

Hey Tami this is Sarah your so cool i LUV you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sarah Lozeau on June 2, 2004


Kristen on May 25, 2004

I just wanted to thank you for all your generosity! You are wonderful to work with and our talents appreciated your help throughout the whole adventure!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!


Trina McIntyre-Adams Modeling School on May 14, 2004

Joey booked another National commercial. He's going to be doing Old Navy in Spanish this week.



JB Entertainment on May 6, 2004

My daughter, Emily, and I will be heading down to Burbank in August and we
are looking forward to the "experience" of it all. Emily's been training
with Gina McCabe at TOC Talent in Goldendal, WA and it's been wonderful.
Emily has grown leaps and bounds under Gina's instruction. See you in


Jennifer Bax, July 2006

I Don't even know where to start! You have worked so hard, and pulled through so many obstacles this past year, and it has been a blessing to so many people! I can't thank you enough for the special interest you took in myself and my family. I am so thankful for EVERYTHING that you did. You went above and beyond helping us out through a very difficult time, and you were and still are such a blessing to my life! The world championships was the best trip of my life. I can't even put into words how wonderful the week was for me! I became so close to the people I already knew, and I made some incredible friends with people from all over the world, and without you that wouldn't have been possible. It's because of you that my eyes have been opened to a completely different side of the performing arts, and I'm thinking and praying seriously about what my future holds. And I can't wait to see what happens! This trip was one of the best things that has ever happened to me, regardless of any medals or awards. (don't get me wrong, it was amazing to stand on that podium and represent my country) But I learned so many lessons about life, hard work, and how important a good attitude is, especially in this business, and those lessons will last me much longer than a gold medal. And the connections I made throughout the week ... you can't put a price on that! so thank you! From the bottom of my heart! I am deeply grateful!
I'm always praying for you!
(and I miss you already)
Lindsay Miller

Lindsay Miller

I just wanted to give you an update of all of our sucesses from last event.  In just a couple of months I have a bunch of people booking jobs.  Joey Munguia just booked a national Savon commercial. As you know he signed with Crystal at Totally Kidz as well as Coast to Coast Agency.  Jennefer Moon booked the David Tupaz Couture Fashion Show.  Lindsay Clayton booked BCBG through Rage Models and just signed last week with KSA.  She is going on lots of auditions.  Luke Jacobsma is doing great.  He booked a Heineken commercial being aired in Italy.  He just booked a national compaign with "International Jock".  He will also be in an upcoming movie with Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr. called "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang."  Thank you for all of your help and I will continue to update you.

Justin Brown-JB Entertainment on April 22, 2004

Good Morning Rainbow,

It's 8:14 AM, I'm at the office experiencing tears of joy streaming down my face!
I can't thank you and Kurt enough for your persistance, love and kindness you showed me. 
I love you both very much.  You believed in me and saw something that I thought was buried. However deep down inside, I could hear a voice that says GO FOR IT you are still ALIVE! 
I knew deep in my soul, I still had something to prove to myself and the world.
I have faith in GOD and believe GOD has great things for me to do still. 
I am so thankful GOD granted me another chance at LIFE in 2004-2005.
When doors closed in my face, I know to trust GOD always and not man. 
Believe in SUPERNATURAL MIRACLES always and never give up! 
I never imagined going to the finals in ACTING by doing a commercial I wrote myself.  I was just having FUN! I received 11 medals (3 or 4 gold).  Not only did I sing and act, but I actually had a chance to tap into what I got my degree in Journalism,Radio/TV/FILM - minor (*Business).
Baby, I have just gotten started.  A new KASY has been reborn and will shed the pounds needed to FLY~ so that I look my BEST!  
Statement of faith:
"If I am in town and not out of the country in 2008 on business. I PLAN ON RETURNING TO WCOPA IN 2008 to compete!  This way I will keep in touch with what's going on in the world of TALENT and stay on top of my game".  
Tami I think I will change song types and really have some fun next year, If I'm able to come... Rainbow, I think I am going to start dancing again and see what happens next
(HA, HA, HA...just kidding ...I think ...uhmmm) I will definitely study the craft of acting more.
Tami, I remember what you said at the last class (something like this)...If someone says I can't...hey, I will show you what I can do.
Love Always Sunshine.

Chicago- Kasey Thompson- Acting Finalist 2007 WCOPA Senior Division

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